ways to improve your language skills

:: ways to improve your language skills

Students always ask about solutions to improve their English. In my opinion, learning should be fun. Because I'm a lazy person, I sought and thought of the easiest and most effective ways to learn other languages. Those ways were combining my interests with English. For example, I love movies, books, jokes and computer games. Therefore, i started watching movies, series, and shows that i was interested in, with and without subtitles. Also, i like reading books, specially stories.

Other ways that I tried were chatting online with people from other countries. This way, you can improve your writing and learn about other countries and their customs. Plus, you'll find people who are weirder than you are so you'll find hope for yourself and your life. Writing is another way to improve your language skills. That way you can better your writing and language and get somethings off of your chest so you'll be relieved. Also, you can take classes or create a group so you can interact with other people. Hence, improve your social skills and learn from others and let others learn from you. And if you don't like working with others you can just talk to yourself and pretend you are two people. That is if you don't go crazy. You can also change your phone's language to the language you want to learn. In addition to all the ways mentioned above, you can write your daily least of chores_ also called To Do list_ in English or any other language you're planning to learn.

These are all I could think of. You can combine language with your own hobbies and learn in a fun way.

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Sizdah Be-dar

:: Sizdah Be-dar

Sizdah Be-dar is the 13th and last day of Nowruz holiday which means going to nature on 13th. It also is the Iranian Nature Day. On this particular day, as the name suggests, people go out on a picnic to enjoy nature and the outdoors. They spend the whole day out with friends and family outdoors which is a fantastic way to finish a holiday.

Some of the traditions of this day are included below. Young people who want to get married knot grass and wish for a fine spouse. Kurdish people throw 13 stones behind them at the end of the day so that the bad luck and misfortunes leave them and with each stone they throw, they make a wish. Others throw the greenery they made for Nowruz in a running water like rivers for the same reason.

Some deem Sizdah Be-dar unlucky because of the number of this day but the research indicates the belief of number 13 being unlucky has entered this culture from another.

And last, on this day people prank each other and call it Lie of the Thirteen which is an Iranian version of April Fool's Day due to the coincidence with April 1st or 2nd_ a.k.a. April Fool's Day.

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:: Nowruz

Nowruz is the name of Iran's new year which starts on the first day of spring and ends on the 13th day. It literally translates to New Day. Although, this is originally for Iran but other Farsi speaking countries celebrate Nowruz, too.

On this occasion, Iranians set a table of HAft Sin. That is a table of seven things which their name begins with the letter 'Sin' that is pronounced like the letter S in English. The seven things put in this table are usually as followed: Sib (apple), Sabzeh (greenery), Serkeh (vinegar), Senjed (fruit of Oleaster tree), Somac (a kind of berry), Sir (garlic), Samanu (a sweet pudding made from germinated wheat1). Each one of this thing represents a symbol. Also, on this table they set nuts, sweets, the Holy Quran, a mirror, gold fish, decorated eggs, candles, decorated coins, and other things.

Some of the traditions of Nowruz are Chaharshanbe Suri_ which you can read about in the previous post_, spring cleaning, visiting friends and relatives, and Sizdah Be-dar_ which hopefully will be the next post.

In Iran, the traditional heralds of Nowruz are Amu Nowruz and Haji Firuz, who appear annually on the streets to celebrate the New Year.2

1& 2: wikipedia

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chaharshanbe suri

:: chaharshanbe suri

Chaharshanbe Suri is an old and ancient tradition meaning Wednesday celebration, Wednesday festival or even red Wednesday. As the name indicates, it's held on the last Wednesday of the Persian year.

This celebration means to prepare us for the coming of the new year. To let go of the past, the hate, the bad, to forgive and forget. In this day, people make a bonfire or a small fire and jump over it. And as they jump over the fire they want the fire to take their disease and problems and give them health and warmth. People stay awake all night, visit friends and relatives and eat fruit and nuts and other food prepared for this celebration.

In recent years, this festival has turned into a somewhat war zone because of misusing fireworks by all the inconsiderate youth and has become very dangerous, to the extent of death and injury.

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just a summary

:: just a summary
I've created this blog for only one purpose, i.e. practicing my writing. I'll just come by from time to time and write a bit about a subject. And if you are interested or have a subject for me to write about, you can tell me and if it was to my liking, I'll write about it.
And by the way, as the title of this blog suggests and you should know beforehand, I am a crappy writer. I'm so straight forward that I just get to the point right off the bat. And don't expect me to bit around the bush cause I really donno how.
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